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Governance Consulting

Board members, CEOs, and staff members want their governing efforts to contribute to the success of the organization. Even though board members know they have to work effectively together to make this happen, they don’t always know or agree on how to make this happen.

Some boards count on Out of the Woods Consulting to help them resolve or improve specific boardroom challenges. Other boards understand the benefit of a comprehensive redesign of their governance process and rely on our guidance to see them through the transition. Yet other organizations have a tradition of advisory boards or councils and are concerned about maximizing their effectiveness.

Out of the Woods Consulting is committed to assisting boards conceptualize, organize, and fulfill their mandate to govern. Here are some services to consider:
  • Governance process, board structure, and boardroom interactions evaluations             
  • Annual board, committee, and individual performance assessments            
  • Improvement planning and facilitation          
  • Board-level policy development     
  • Accountability systems and organizational monitoring          
  • Integration of risk oversight into governing functions          
  • Policy Governance® consulting* 
  • Model orientation
  • Policy framework development facilitation
  • Model implementation guidance
  • Meeting coaching, “ends” policy development facilitation
  • Customized training for trouble spots
*Stacy Sjogren was personally trained by John Carver, developer of the Policy Governance approach to governance. To understand the model concept, click here . To see a sample implementation plan, click here .
Facilitation Services
Have you ever walked out of a meeting or retreat and felt as if nothing was accomplished? More groups are turning to professionally trained facilitators* to lead their meetings freeing everyone to participate fully.
  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • ​Project planning
  • Issue resolution
  • Project status updates
  • Procedure design

*Trained by The Leadership Strategies Institute, Atlanta, GA

Program Development
Having earned confidence in our organizational, communications, and creative skills, a number of past clients have approached Out of the Woods Consulting for program development and project management services. Some of these initiatives have been significant in scope and complexity a few of which are highlighted on LinkedIn. Here are some examples of how we can be of assistance:
  • Establishing volunteer structures and engagement strategies for new initiatives
  • Coordinating conferences
  • Developing operational strategic plans
  • Planning and facilitating large-scale community or stakeholder input initiatives
  • Educational program design and implementation
If you can't describe what you are doing as a process you don't know what you are doing."  -W. Edwards Deming