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With the heart of a coach and teacher, Stacy Sjogren ("Sho-gren") calls on over 25 years of board governance, constituent relations, and program development training and experience in a wide range of settings when working along-side clients to resolve their challenges. Described as imaginative, compassionate, organized, and outgoing, she quickly becomes a trusted team member with a knack for boosting group productivity. 

​​Stacy has extensive experience in board governance including leading large, complex organizations through comprehensive overhauls of their governance processes and monitoring systems and has improved governance processes for countless other higher education, health care, finance, associations, and human service organizations. If Policy Governance® is desirable, Stacy has substantial training and experience with the model. 
Bottom line? Stacy's professional passion is to improve board governance because healthy boards are central to organizational accountability and effectiveness. ​

CEOs trust Stacy’s assistance as they take the output of newly empowered boards and translate it into well-conceived organizational priorities & accountability systems. A background in higher education administration, volunteer management, fundraising, and program development allows Stacy to be particularly in tune with the needs and concerns of education and public benefit sectors.
“The biggest single problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” -George Bernard Shaw